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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 26th February 2020: Post 02: Eyetech EZ-Tower - Down but not out. Pt II

Eyetech EZ-Tower - Down but not out. Pt II

Having checked the motherboard I set out having a nose around the
main EZ-Tower case and thrashing it with a big stick. It's what I do.

There is line from Big Bang by Sheldon Cooper that goes ....
"Oh Gravity, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch". I reflect on this every 
single time my Eyetech EZ-Tower starts playing up. This computer 
is a bit of a Frankenstein that I built from all my spare bits I had 
lying around the workshop. I really am not a great fan of the A1200 
in a tower and wouldn't do it myself had I not had these spare bits 
at my disposal. Sadly though, after about three months of active use
she starts to play up and then just refuses to boot. However, after
I remove the board and then reconnect back up she will work fine.
I have her running on an Iiyima VGA monitor generally though this
is not featured here.

She hasn't worked since the new year and so I removed the motherboard
first and tested that for any faults. And so this is how the day went.

By the way I have like over 30 Amiga 1200s working and I never like
ever think it's a capacitor issue. And if you can't spot a failing PSU
just by listening to it then you are nor going to get very far using
Amiga kit. Suffice to say that capacitors and power supplies are not
even on my fault finding list, though I do make an effort here to
photograph each and every capacitor to show off their shiny feet.

Read on.

EZ-Tower - Down but not out. Pt II.

I removed the HD floppy drive to prevent it
dropping in on my head as I carried the case
down the stairs.

The top CD is not currently connected and
so the tower has ZIP, CD-ROM and two hard drives.

The case is designed to hold the Amiga
1200 motherboard and a PC mobo. Weird.

That's an A500 floppy drive that actually
will eat your hand. Plus the top hard drive.

Rear of the Iomega ZIP drive.

Floppy and two IDE hard drives.

Quite a jungle of wires to check over.
In truth I did absolutely nothing.

The case power supply.

The EZ Keyboard adaptor allowing me
to use an A2000 keyboard.

Just sits over the chip on the motherboard.

Four way buffered interface that I
use with IDE-Fix97 to communicate
with the IDE side ZIP, CD and HDs.

The actual power connector that plugs into
the centre hole in the square Amiga 1200
power socket on the rear. Seriously !!

I have to sit the motherboard on a pile of
magazines and paper to lift it so none of
the connectors are under strain.

The floppy power connector has a secondary
component to connect to the motherboard.
Note that there are still power pins
available to connect other devices.

I have not dragged the Iiyama VisionMaster
down and so the flicker fixer isn't plugged
in. Instead I am using an Amiga CDTV monitor.

This sadly prevents me booting into the WB
without changing the display settings as the
CDTV monitor doesn't support the screen mode.

We are ready for lift off.

Already picking up the IDE-Fix. I need
though to change that screen mode.

So two mouse button down... and

Change display to original.

And checks boot options which show
all hard drive volumes being detected.

To start with I boot from the floppy.

Working just fine.

All memory appears to be working.

Though DEVs not picking up the ZIP.

Time to boot again with original 4 colour
display into the hard drive Workbench.

Lara in 4 colour and all my drawers
are available from the hard drives.

I insert a ZIP disk and both Amiga
and PC formats are available.

So I can format as an Amiga ZIP.

Or I can format as a PC ZIP.

She is bloody working no problem.

Such a pain this. She is crying out
to be put back in her original case.

Towering an Amiga 1200 is a real bad idea.

So what benefits do you get ...?

Four way buffer so IDE on tap for
CD ROM, ZIP, hard drives etc.

The flicker fixer for PC monitor.

Keyboard adaptor for external keyboard.

Mouse adaptor for PC mouse.

And no external power brick.

Still bloody annoying !!

She was working all the time. What
happens is that in the vertical
position the Blizzard slides down.

And so what is that mod ?

If you have notches in your bottom casing
like this then your computer has been
fitted at some time to a tower... Be afraid !!

Anyhoo... Panic over. She's fine.
I knew she was, silly girl. And so
good to go for a few months.

Amiga towers ... heavy maintenance.


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