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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 28th February 2020: Post 01: Amiga 1000 - Back you go.

Amiga 1000 - Back you go.

Have been tidying stuff up and moving a few things around. Decided
it was about time that the second of my Amiga 1000s in the big room
got mothballed for a while. I have another hooked up with the A1060
if I ever need a 1000 for what ever reason.

Of all my Amigas the 1000 is probably my least favourite. It really
doesn't look or perform like a proper Amiga and suffers from being
the first in the range and not subject to Commodore's intervention.
Thank goodness for the A500/2000 team is all I can say. May sound a
little cruel, but I don't like the case for the 1000 it buckles and
flexes too easily. The keyboard is a nuisance what with not being
long enough a cord for me to stand it in front of the bench. And
the tray store just doesn't work for me. The Workbench Kickstart is
a real turn off, given that in the time it gets going I could have
had the 500 up and running. None of my sidecars work with the 1000
which makes hard drives a problem. Also there is so little kit I
can get to upgrade easily for RAM and accelerator etc.

In truth the 1000 is a pain in the rear and serves only as a stand
for my A1200 at the moment. The one shown here was sitting under an
A500 3.1 with A590 sidecar. I mean there aint no competition. Also
1.2 and 1.3 are a drag other than for checking stuff and I use the
A500 in the disk room for that.

Anyhoo as I was putting the beast away I thought I'd drag it to the
bench and photograph her working. She was fine and now on a bottom
shelf in store. That was all.

Spent the last two days trying to get an A500 floppy drive working.
I was so close and now she won't work at all. I haven't given up. I
never give up.

Raining again. It's always bloody raining.

Amiga 1000 - Back you go.

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