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Entry 1st February 2021: Post 1: TRS 80 Model II - Only have the leaflet

TRS 80 Model II - Only have the leaflet

I don't actually have a TRS 80 Model II with the 8" disk drive.
And yes you read that right... an 8" drive. The drive is close on
the full height of the machine. Incredible.

The leaflet was obviously a circular sent to TRS 80 user cus it
also included the newsletter from Fort Worth, no less. Seems to be
dated Nov 2nd 1981 and shows the cost of a basic machine at around
the $3450 mark with just the one disk drive.

Anyhoo... I'm a bit of a lightweight this February dawn as I am
going to leave it there. Just a bloody leaflet I hear you say. Well
sorry but that is your lot for today. I've had a quite taxing day
and I really need to go eat something at ten in the evening.

TRS 80 Model II built by Tandy Radio Shack in USA May 1979.
The language for the machine was BASIC which was on disk with the
operating system being TRS-DOS.
The computer has a full stroke keyboard and num-pad.
The processor is the ever popular Zilog Z80 A 4MHz with 32-64 RAM.
For the money of around 3500 you get zero graphics modes but can
use 32 graphical symbols. The screen is just monochrome.
The amazing bit of kit is the Shugart 8" drive. Incredible.

I do have a TRS Model 4 and the Color which is a whole load smaller.
I really did enjoy going to Tandy to get all my electrical goodies.
In the early days I bought all my hi-fi kit from there. The brand
was Realistic and I still have the wood grain amplifier. My Amiga
1200 speakers are also Realistic. Fantastic sound I have to say.

Tandy was like 'Nerdvana' with little booths dedicated to differing
things and always populated with electronics geeks talking to very
well versed Tandy shop stewards who actually new their stuff.

I have to go eat before I collapse. Raining again. Seriously wet.


TRS 80 Model II - Only have the leaflet

Floppy drive for the TRS 80 Color Computer

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