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Entry 4th February 2021: Post 1: Amiga 1200 salvage - Don't LoL at LUX.

Amiga 1200 salvage - Don't LoL at LUX.

If you play League of Legends you will know who LUX is. She is so
cute and innocent but as the Lady of Luminosity will blast any
foe into oblivion from her shaft of blinding light. I enjoy my
time with LUX so much I thought I would name an Amiga 1200 after
her. Sadly this Amiga 1200 doesn't work. These are the faults.

01: No bottom tray, port screws, base shielding and top shield.
02: Faulty floppy drive that refuses to see disk.
03: Broken keyboard that simply doesn't work.
04: Broken pin number 1 on the HD interface. Looks deliberate.
05: Top cover with marker pen writing on back face.
06: Faulty LED display and no lights.

Generally in very poor state but there is a glimmer of hope.

OK what is first. First is to check the motherboard is OK. So
I hooked the modulator up to a black and white TV and got the
boot screen. All looks OK and the floppy was clicking.

Next I removed the floppy and gave it a spring clean. I also
tested another broken floppy. The second floppy was not showing
a fault at boot, clicked and saw the floppy disks. Sadly it
keeps on throwing up errors. Worth persevering with me thinks.

I hooked up an external floppy and the A1200 booted from that.
I could access the DF0: and SysInfo recognised both drives.

So that was day one which took a while. I also salvaged some
parts from the store so tomorrow we clean the board, replace the
bottom tray and plastic liner. I will hook up a 3.5" HDrive and
get that working and replace the keyboard with one that I will
first have to repair.

Happy Days.

Amiga 1200 salvage - Don't LoL at LUX.

Continues Tomorrow

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