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Entry 8th February 2021: Post 1: A1200 - Power Flyer, Scan Doubler, Keyboard Adaptor and IDE.

A1200 - Power Flyer, Scan Doubler, Keyboard Adaptor and IDE.

Today I focus on that second era of destruction that crippled so
many A1200 computers, as users tried to make their machines into
PCs with better hard drives, better graphics, faster ports and
external keyboards. Worse was the hacks that transferred the A1200
into the tower, never to be reunited with their original cases.

I am using RISA to undertake this little exercise. Risa and LUX
were subjected to the horrors of the post Commodore wave of hacks
that I feature today. Sadly they never really recovered. I have
yet to establish why Risa does not work. Her light is on but there
is nobody at home. I did try and swap out the ROMs. Didn't work.

OK So what were Amigans doing to their computers after daddy CBM
had left home and abandoned them. All they could do, in truth, was
try to adapt to use whatever kit they could get their hands on.

A1200 - Power Flyer, Scan Doubler, Keyboard Adaptor and IDE.

Poor Risa is sadly still not working.

She is the only Amiga 1200 I have that
refuses to boot... WHY OH WHY ????.

The lights are on but she is not in.

The main board looks just fine.

I have put some yellow stickers on the
board so I can identify her in photographs.

Time to lift those ROMs.

I labelled them Top and Bottom
but remember 23 bottom and 24 top.

Always make sure the pins are straight.

Check the seats on the socket frame.

1992 and Commodore still in business.

I will now show some of the additions
Amiga users added to their A1200.

We start with the Power Flyer. This
unit by Elbox sat on the ROM slots
and the GAYLE and connected to Pin 39
of the IDE connector [ not the pin I show ].

Gives up to four IDE drives at 16.4 MB/s.

And if your clock port looks like this
then that is probably the reason why.

Note the clock port is still exposed.

Elbox Power 4-way Buffered IDE or 4xIDE99

Remember this dreadful hole in LUX.

Well that is why.

IDEFix 97 Buffered Interfaces.

Velcro... Always bloody Velcro.
Needed to defy gravity as the
motherboard is placed in the vertical.

Fantastic little device. Allows you
to attach IDE hard drives, CD-ROM
and even ZIP drives to the A1200.

In the tower the floppy is redundant
so the space usually had the buffered
interface stuck to it. As with LUX.

DCE Scan Magic that sits over the Lisa
and the Alice. This one has no Flicker Fixer.

The unit requires a rear VGA port
connection or just a trailing small
ribbon to a PC case port.

This is the Flicker Magic version with
the flicker fixer. Two extra chips. The
unit lets you use most PC monitors.

This my friends is a very rare beast.
This is an internal X-COPY dongle.

Next up the Port Plus Junior connected
to the clock port. A high speed serial
port giving 460,000 bp/s.

And where is that port going ?

Evidence of a Port Junior. The pins
bent to accommodate the connector.

I have no idea. Answers on a postcard.

DCE Keyboard Interface and connects to
the CIA at U7. For external keyboards.

Elbox PC-Key 1200. Does the same as above.

SCSI port from Blizzard Turbo SCSI KIT.

GVP SCSI does the same for the GVP Turbo.

Trapdoor accelerator cards. These truly
struggle with the old gravity problem.

Internal IDE laid loose in the case
with the shielding removed. If your
1200 has no metal shielding then this
is probably the reason.

The original A1200 PSU will never support
an expanded machine. You need an A500 brick.

And make sure it is the heavy weight .. right.

Back to Risa

I tried about four sets of ROMs.

Note the empty socket slots to the left.
There should always be one left over.

And 23 at the bottom and 24 at the top.
They don't always say ROM 0 and ROM 1.

So did she work. Did she **ck. Back in store.

And Finally

That bloody keyboard hack that rendered LUX useless.

I found the culprit and it has a detailed
guide on ...Amiga 1200 New Keyboard Hack

Thanks for nothing... Poor LUX.

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