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Entry 16th February 2021: Post 1: My Amiga rounds - cards and drives.

My Amiga rounds - cards and drives.

Yesterday I featured those clever port add-ons that you can plug
into your Amiga to expand your world. Today I am checking over a
number of 600 and 1200 machines, doing my rounds and checking they
are working fine. In each there are differing cards and drives for
differing usage. Some of the Amigas are basic machines and so have
just the RAM card and maybe the FPU. Others have the full works
with the fast accelerator and additional RAM.

Whenever I am thinking about a machine to undertake a project I
think about what I need and how that would benefit the process. It
maybe that I just need the capacity and a bit of RAM. Plus it may
be useful having the small 600 if space is tight. If I am using a
lot of video then I would look for large amounts of RAM and also

Depending on how you want to use your Amiga you may set things up
differently. I am fortunate in that I have so many so I really am
spoilt for choice. But the great thing about the Amiga is that no
two machines are the same and for me I do warm to certain arrangements
when doing specific things. Quite often I forget the later Amigas
and fire up the Plus or a 1.3 500. It really does depend on the

I would be lost without the variety. I would also be lost without
having unexpanded machines and accelerated ones to hand. And so here
I am dragging some 1200s and 600s off the shelf and checking them
over. I generally check the label on the trapdoor to see when I last
did any work on the computers. I generally pop the trap and take a
gander at the card if fitted. Next I boot up and check that the
keyboard and mouse are working. I use SysInfo to check the memory
and HDToolBox for the drives. If anything has changed I log that on
the trapdoor label. I will probably fire up an animation from DOpus
and also a game or two if I am in the mood. You get a feel for when
a computer is running fine so it doesn't take long.

I tend to check over half a dozen or so a day for the periods I set
aside for reviewing the status of computers. I do like to keep the
cogs oiled so most of the Amigas get a boot at least once a month.
They never really disappoint me and considering I do very little to
improve their appearance or replace any internal components I feel
I have been very lucky to never really have suffered any great loss.
They just keep chugging along and for that I am truly grateful.

Please remember that the blog is a record of what I do each day
and this is what I did this day. Just saying.

Snooker Fun

Watch my placing after the red to get that black.

My Amiga rounds - cards and drives.

A1200 Sperlunk with RAM card

The star means large hard drive.
There is a trick to getting the
Amiga to recognise and use drives
of a large capacity. [ See index ].

Note the empty space unused.

Time for some snooker.

Amiga 600HD with 1MB RAM card.

Used with SCALA and a Genlock.

A1200 Terai with Typhoon 1230.

Not one of my installations.

Has sexy Clara Veiga animation.

A1200 Blizzard 1230 and Batista.

Note the star again.

More empty space.

DOpus buttons for LHA.

This creates an LHA archive.

Some of the ASSIGNS to software on the Amiga.

A1200 HD40 Michelle Buswell

The computer is a 40MB Amiga that
was labelled and shipped with the
40MB hard drive and this RAM card.

Has this snazzy hard dust cover.

There is very little on the drive.

A600 with Analogic RAM.

Has a CF card and really never used it.

A600HD with A601 RAM

Sadly this computer lost her keyboard.
I swapped it for an older one which I
had to repair the one key. Can you guess
which key I replaced.

The hard drive has the full installation
of a fellow Amigan that donated his drives
to me to use and so they are installed
on this machine. He was an AMOS nutter
and loves his Amiga 600. Always has.

I purchased a 2.5" drive from China
and formatted it with the empty space
plus my little trickery and she works fine.

I did try to de-solder the metal case
to the A601 to remove the battery, but
having near put a hole through my hand
with the hot iron... I gave up.

Anyway that was that and all computers
are now back on their shelves. I will be
checking more over the next few days but
will not be recording the event. Just takes
way to long setting up the cameras.

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