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Entry 21st February 2021: Post 1: Amiga 3000 - Couldn't leave well alone.

Amiga 3000 - Couldn't leave well alone.

So I wasn't planning on having another go at the 3000 till the
summer. So what was I doing today.... Go figure.

I just had to check that motherboard and disconnect the SCSI to
try and get the machine booting off the floppy. So I set too
stripping the A3000 to the motherboard. These are the pictures I
took to help me rebuild afterwards.

Only thing I discovered was a little bit of corrosion around
the Denise chip. I removed the Denise and checked the pin legs
and then cleaned the socket. Neither were as bad as I first

Sadly when I rebooted I had colour loss and colour failure and
image disruption and finally mouse hopping over clickable items.
This pointed to a faulty Denise and will need replacing. The
problem I first had with the none booting floppy still persists.
I have no idea why the floppy refuses to boot. Very puzzling. I
really do sense that the problem may have always been there and
I just never checked. I rarely used this computer Wish I had now.

Anyhoo tomorrow is another day and I have a spare Denise so I
have left her out on the bench. Maybe I'll have better luck with
her tomorrow. I'm starting to regret the nasty things I said
about Apple the other month. Maybe this is payback, seeing as
the computer has the Apple emulator card.

Onward... We press on.

PS The photographs are a bit sketchy but they do show the A3000
being taken apart and then put back together again. I discovered
late on that by undoing the front screw to the hard drive you
can slide it forward to get at the rear cable. Also to remove
the cradle you do have to remove the daughterboard and the back
expansion port covers to the card slots. The only item I couldn't
reconnect was the LED to the rear hard drive. It wasn't connected
and I just couldn't find anywhere for it to go.

One thing I do need to research is the DF1 and NODF1 jumper setting.

Amiga 3000 - Couldn't leave well alone.

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