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Entry 22nd February 2021: Post 1: Amiga 3000 - The UX saves Denise.

Amiga 3000 - The UX saves Denise.

When I left the A3000 yesterday all her colours were wrong, the
mouse pointer couldn't click anything, the text was all over the
place and my chair was squeaking. Anyhoo today I planned on fixing
the chair and ... er what else. Oh! Get that Denise sorted out.

Here goes. .. ' Let's go !!! '

Amiga 3000 - The UX saves Denise.

The colour should be yellow writing
on grey. Sadly the mouse pointer would
not even rest on the floppy button.

The writing should be yellow on grey.
The words also have bits missing.

The writing should be on the left of the
screen. Seriously mucked up.

What to do ?

Fortunately I have spares. Loads of spares.

This is a 3000UX which waits a tape drive
to complete the rebuild. Never gonna happen.

The motherboard is shot and I have another
tucked away safely in a plastic tub.

The white mark on the Denise normally
means broken which is what I anticipated.

No nasty corrosion around the legs.

OK That's a surprise. The leg is bent
under. Perhaps that is why it wasn't
working properly. Fingers crossed.

All nicely 'bented back'.

Not only the same chip but the same
week and year of production.. 16 of 1990.

Time to inspect that socket again.

Slightly green but all intact. Note the
screwdriver damage. For goodness sake
use the correct tool already.

OK the Denise has landed.

Looking good. Always check the pins
'high res stylie.....'

Fires up and she's FIXED.

All the correct colours and I could click
the buttons and no garbled writing...

Time for a celebratory cup of tea.

So where was I .. I added the ECHO to the
startup under 2.0x and discovered the point
at which she refused to load 2.04. So what
do I think. I think thinking is so important.
Sorry that Denise thing just made me so happy.

What do I think ? I suspect a RAM issue.
The ENVARC just can't be loaded into memory
for some very strange reason. Could possibly
be the ROM chips gone bad.. Hmmm !!

And R-TYPE was still playing up under 2.04.

Thankfully on this machine I could
also boot into 1.3 which works perfectly.

I even can load into RAM.

Still that strange error on SysInfo.

Memory seems fine.

So it could be a case that the ROM
is bad. So that needs changing next.


OK Time for some Desert Strike.

Off to do some battling.

OR NOT... Let's play Lemmings instead.

That's that for the 3000. 3 days
was enough. So what to do next...

Ar har .. !!

Desert Strike

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