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Entry 4th February 2022: Post 1: Acorn Atom - Photoshoot Recreated.

Acorn Atom - Photoshoot Recreated.
The Acorn Atom first appeared on these pages back on 28th Aug 2007.
So something like 15 years ago at a time when I used the Epson and
pics were somewhat smaller. I had hoped that one day I would do
an update to the general site and add newer bigger pictures. Sadly
with so many pictures it really is going to be a massive task.

Today I decided to photograph the Acorn Atom and recreate that
first image from all those years ago. I do still have all of the
items safely stored together so took no time to recreate.

Some while back I decided that computers over a certain age would
no longer be switched on. This may sound a little drastic, but in
truth if I have no need to use the kit it really makes sense given
that circuits will eventually die. The main issue with older kit
is the power supply which can input a most damaging higher charge
than is required. The already fragile kit can become overloaded.
And so it becomes a case of 'Schrodinger's' cat insomuch that
the computer can be seen as both alive or dead and only by using
it will you know the truth.

The computer was last used in 2018 and appeared to work. I was able
to write a small program which the computer executed. I will leave
any further experimentation with the computer to those that inherit
the machine on my demise.

I was most pleased to retrieve the Acorn ALF03 data recorder. The
unit was designed to be used with the BBC Micro and Electron but I
assume that given it came with this Atom plus tapes it also worked
with this machine. I just like the look of the recorder which has a
power socket and battery compartment.

Anyhoo.. when visiting the site it is important to note that I do
own everything included on the various web pages. I have acquired
the contents shown over a 50 year period. I do not sell or dispose
of anything that I own and none will pass from here until the day
of my demise. The website has been active now for 18 years and was
launched the same time as Facebook, and one year before YouTube.
This site was active just before Facebook launched. So I have been
doing this for some considerable time. The site was the subject of
a Yahoo group from that period but was closed down when Yahoo shut
down all their groups a couple of years ago. I have the archive
though never plan to publish the posts.

That was that for computer checking, sometime its cosmetic, and
sometime its about functionality. Much of the time it really is
just about me having a good time with old computers and recording
the fun that I have. My bad for living in a museum. And to all
those that ask if I am willing to sell anything then I'm afraid
the answer is no. However, if you want to hang around you may be
lucky and become a recipient of something after I die. Otherwise
it all goes to the CAT, Roland and Mrs Spangle [ don't as ].

Acorn Atom - Photoshoot Recreated.

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Atomic Theory in Practice

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The Atom Magic Book

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More Programs

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