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Entry 13th February 2022: Post 1: Amiga 1200 HD/40 - Plus Archon Overdrive.

Amiga 1200 HD/40 - Plus Archon Overdrive.
Last year I installed the very last hard drive to my vast army of
Amiga 1200s. And so when I got round to checking my Archon external
PCMCIA based hard drive for the 1200 I suddenly realised I didn't
have a single A1200 that I could fit it to. The Overdrive has its
own Workbench and so it would truly confuse the poor Amiga if
there were two Workbench OSs on the machine.

The solution was to attack the A1200 HD/40 with the broken internal
hard drive. I had left the hard drive installed cus it was the
original for the machine and I kinda didn't want to split the unit
up. Needs must as they say and so today I decided to remove the
drive and check the Archon Overdrive.

This little episode all started with me watching a video on YouTube
about the origins of Blizzard. One of their first games was the
quite forgetful Lost Vikings.... Forgetful cus I never remember it.
I don't have the game nor any intention to get it but I noticed on
one of my previous blogs the game is in a drawer on the Overdrive.
I then realised that I had never backed up the drive and needed to
install PARNET. Onward.

This computer has the dreaded DAC tint to the Workbench. It is a
very faint blue tint caused by a loss in one of the colour channels.
I have two of these HD/40s and both were purchased broken. The other
has a faulty keyboard. My aim was always to make a good one out of
the two. Never got round to it.

Anyhoo I removed the faulty drive. I then used a PCMCIA RAM card to
check that the PCMCIA was working. I have had all kinds of issues
with faulty PCMCIA card slots. The extra RAM was picked up after I
booted into the Workbench 3.0 operating system. The tint looks a
lot worse on the photographs. I hardly noticed it to be honest.

Next up I inserted the Overdrive and she fired up immediately into
Workbench 3.0. I found Lost Vikings and got suitably bored. Next
up I played StarLord and got even more bored. Eventually I found
a few old Grapevine magazines which are always entertaining.

PARNET was already on the drive but never configured. The actual
drive mount file had not been edited and there was no nodes on any
of the drives. That would be an easy task when I get round to it.
I have a theory on how to do this and it goes like this. I obtain
another internal hard drive and I format it as data drives distinct
from the Archos. I then use the drives to copy over the files onto
the new internal hard drive making the much needed back up. Sounds
good... Trouble is my contact in China has gone missing since the
outbreak of this pesky influenza problem. Hope he is OK.

That was that for today. The Overdrive works, the A1200 works and
the machine has PARNET installed. Job done. Cuppa me thinks.

Amiga 1200 HD/40 - Plus Archon Overdrive.

Enter the Overdrive.

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