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Entry 16th February 2022: Post 2: Delphine Classic Collection - That booklet.

Delphine Classic Collection - That booklet.
So as I closed up shop last night happy in my days retro toils I
realised that I had discussed the Delphine copy protection booklet
and yet didn't actually provide a copy. So today a grabbed the
scanner and plodded through the pages which I present today. There
is one missing and that is for Another World which is puzzling as
to how games users could play the game. There must have been
another smaller booklet. None of the codes or images of the colour
wheel are in the booklet. I had to track down my own colour wheel.

Yesterday I was a little troubled by the state of the Amiga Format
magazine that I referred to for Another World. The front cover had
a damaged bottom corner. Whilst I was not able to repair the actual
paper version I was able to use Photoshop to repair the computer
version. I was tempted to fire up Knightmare today but resisted,

Anyhoo that was that. I will do some further research on the colour
wheel for Another World. I may have another booklet lying around.

Click for link to Another World wheel

OK I'm done now.

Delphine Classic Collection - That booklet.

Operation Stealth incorrectly labelled as Future Wars.

Operation Stealth copy protection.

Copy Protection for Flashback.

My actual games colour wheel for Another World.

Damaged corner to Amiga Format magazine.

I repaired the image in Photoshop.

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