ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2024

Entry 1st February 2024: Post 1: ZX Spectrum + plus Amiga Plus.

ZX Spectrum + plus Amiga Plus.

Strange sometimes how my retro days turn out. I started the day
thinking I would continue with the Amiga motherboard theme and do
a feature on the A500 or Plus showing the components on the mobo.
Thing was I had already interrupted my previous plan to review all
my standing computers, with a view to mothballing a few, and so I
really wanted to get back on track.

I have a few Sinclair machines lying around that I have repaired
and replaced keyboard membranes and I think it is about time they
went into store. First though I wanted to check to see if they
were working.

Trouble was I didn't have the black brick for the Spectrum+ to
hand so I had to delay my activities whilst I dug out the PSU. I
have become a little nervous of using the incorrect power supplies
on this old kit now as I have read quite a few horror stories of
burning out computers.

I set too taking down a particularly large stack of boxes  and to
my surprise came across a relatively unscathed A500 Plus motherboard.
I do know the thing isn't working cus the ROM socket is shot. Also
there are no chips on the motherboard other than the AGNUS. I was
just about to put the thing away and continue my PSU search when
I noticed the AGNUS had no markings on it.

Anyway... next thing I know I'm on the bench with the chip extractor
removing the AGNUS. There are some basic manufacturing wording on
the underside but nothing at all on the top. I had thought for a
moment I had installed it upside-down. I then reflected on how good
the board looked and in a flash I was at the sink giving the mobo
a thorough cleaning.

Time went on and I realised I had burnt all the daylight for today.
I now had two projects to progress and I still hadn't found the
Sinclair + PSU. I then moved to another store and recovered a
boxed version of the machine. The cables inside to the PSU were
so well stored with protective tissue preventing contact with the
polystyrene that I returned to my boxed mountain to see if I could
find the missing PSU bricks.

After a good while I found not one but two of the bricks. I also
had uncovered a Sinclair 128 with the cheese grater and cassette.
The bench was now completely filled with various bits of kit and
it was now late into the evening.

Anyhoo there is nothing to post tonight other than this reflective
of my failure to take any pictures. I do have a 500 Plus board
to feature and I will do that tomorrow. Hopefully I can then check
if the Sinclair machines are OK so I can try to put them away.

It really is an Aladdin's Cave here or is it Pandoras Box. Either
way I so often get distracted by other things when venturing into
my storage areas. Whilst enjoyable and rewarding it can sometimes
make for quite logistical problems with stuff left laying all over
the place.

Happy days.

ZX Spectrum + plus Amiga Plus.

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