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Entry 4th February 2024: Post 1: Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ - Check if still working.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ - Check if still working.

Having established the correct power supply to use with the ZX
Spectrum+ machines it was time to test whether they were still
working. So I dragged out the black and white TV and tape recorder
and set too writing a few lines of BASIC, Ran and saved to cassette.

The three machines in question had all received new keyboard
membranes and were left out on the benches for general use. It
was time to mothball the computers and say farewell for a while.
Before doing so I wanted to confirm that they were generally all
working fine.

I am very happy to confirm that they booted without fault and
responded to the given tasks. In truth they performed like a
dream and I very much enjoyed having a play. My favourite is the
second of the units which has a near mint action keyboard. It's is
so easy to use compared to the original Spectrum.

The ZX Spectrum+ was a rebranded Spectrum 48K with the QL style
keys and was released in October 1984. It did not sell well sadly.
The 128 version was a collaborative financed by Investronica and
initially released in Spain in 1985. The 128 finally made its
way into the UK in January 1986.

The 128 has a distinctive new load screen for both 48K and 128K
BASIC plus an improved tape loader. This feature was to become
the standard for the later Plus2 and Plus3 models.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ - Check if still working.

First ZX Spectrum+

Second ZX Spectrum+

Third ZX Spectrum+ [128]

Alba Tape Recorder

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