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Entry 5th February 2024: Post 1: ORIC 1 - plus another ORIC-1.

ORIC 1 - plus another ORIC-1.

I actually know somebody that had an ORIC-1 ... on purpose. Hard
to believe but true. His next computer was an AtariST and then
finally he saw sense and purchased an Amiga 500Plus. Sadly he let
the Amiga rot in a garage until I rescued it and salvaged the
case as the battery had all but destroyed the computer. I recall
his favourite band being The Cure.

Anyway I have two of these computers out on the bench and it is
really time for them to go into deep store. The one works a little
better than the other display wise. Both though are a pain to use
as the chiclet style keyboard is just bonkers.

I did discover later on in the session that the display improved
quite dramatically when I 'wiggled' the power supply. Many of the
older machines suffer with the RF TV modulator. I guess I may get
more luck with the RGB din socket.. dunno.

Both computers worked very much as they always had. Like I say
the one has a pretty good TV signal whilst the other appears a
little faint.

The ORIC-1 was the product of Tangerine Computer Systems and ran
on the MOS Technology 6502 1MHz chip with 48K RAM. The machine
came to the stores at the very time the market was awash with
truly dreadful machines. The computer sold for a few quid less
than the Spectrum. Sadly without the vast library of Spectrum
games at its disposal it was never going to compete.

I do have one of these boxed which I can't ever recall having
out of its packaging. Can't even think where it is.

Anyhoo the ORIC-1 machines born September 1982 some 41 years ago
are now in deep store and I doubt will ever see the light of day
again in my lifetime.

ORIC 1 - plus another ORIC-1.

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