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Entry 6th February 2024: Post 1: ZX Spectrum 48K - Never can say goodbye.

ZX Spectrum 48K - Never can say goodbye.

Before I put the ORIC away I did a comparison in size with the 
ZX Spectrum. Having done so I couldn't resist firing her up.

The 48K ZX Spectrum was the third computer I had enjoyed from the
house of Sinclair. First was the ZX81 and then the 16K Spectrum
and on to the 48K. The year was 1983 and I already felt like an
old hand at the home computer scene. And here I am some 41 years
later and still unable to part company with the very wonderful
48K ZX Spectrum.

It is hard for me to actually identify my very first ZX Spectrum
given that I have so many. And no offence but they all tend to
look the same. The one I feature here was not the original. This
computer has been restored by me and sports a new membrane. She
is the one that I have out on the bench and trust me that is where
she will stay. This little baby will never be placed into store.

Her picture quality is just perfect and she responds to commands
with ease. Although the keyboard can be a little daunting to the
untrained user, for me it is so easy to use. Dunno why but even
if I leave the machine alone for a while, when I return I very
quickly find my way around the various key options.

I do love the ZX Spectrum and for good reason. I must have clocked
up so many hours on this computer writing text based games in
BASIC. For many years I had my own database on the machine and
used it quite extensively. I had a large Adidas bag sitting by
the TV filled to the brim with cassette tapes with recorded work.
Time was there really was only the ZX Spectrum and I never wanted
for anything else.

And so I am not likely to ever say goodbye to this little computer.
She has given me way more enjoyment than you can ever imagine.

PS I used the grey +2 power supply and worked a charm.

ZX Spectrum 48K - Never can say goodbye.

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