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Entry 6th February 2024: Post 1: ORIC Emulator - Running on an Amiga emulator.

ORIC Emulator - Running on an Amiga emulator.

I have mentioned in the past that a good number of emulators for
the early computers can be found on Aminet. Today I downloaded
the very wonderful Amoric by Jean-Francois Fabre, all of 256K in
size including the ROMS and she worked a charm.

I did have to make sure I had the v36+ asl.library and then with
the screen set to PAL High Res I was away. Incredible really.

I kinda felt bad about putting both ORIC machines away so went on
the hunt for a suitable emulator. Aminet is a great resource for
any number of emulators, and they are all free and don't run the
risk of downloading nasty malware that often accompanies web based
applications. Great thing is that it is an emulator running within
an emulator. How bonkers is that.

Anyhoo I can enjoy the ORIC Extended BASIC 1983 Tangerine on the
Amiga emulator WinUAE and not have to struggle with that fiddly
power supply and silly keys.

ORIC Emulator - Running on an Amiga emulator.

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