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Entry 8th February 2024: Post 1: Amiga PSU failure - It happened again.

Amiga PSU failure - It happened again.

Same location, same computer, same wall socket and another of my
Amiga PSU bricks has failed me. This time without even the very
slightest crackle of spark. She just stopped working.

Last time a PSU failed with this Amiga 1200 was 29th Nov 2020. 

Nothing for it but to open the thing up and have a look. After a
good hour all I could find was some slight heating up of a few
solder spots, a possible very faint capacitor stain, though I am
very dubious and some sticky goo on the base PCB.

The sticky goo is all over the board and looks like it was some
kind of application on manufacture. The faint capacitor stain
on closer inspection doesn't appear to be one and none of the
large capacitors show signs of leakage.. The heating up of the
solder spots and legs would only be an issue if the component
above had fried. None of the components show any sign of failure.

The fuse is OK and there is hardly any discolouration to the
main board so no scorch marks. I am at a loss. Nothing for it
but to suspect the Amiga 1200 and so I've chucked that in the
bin. Job done. Who needs an Amiga anyway.... I can't back that
up. I have decided to give the computer a rest, which is working
by the way.

I guess nothing lasts forever. Kinda sad, but hey I have loads of
these things so not a problem. Just wish I knew a bit more about
electronics and didn't have to keep referring to components as
the big white thingy next to that brown whatsit. You get the idea.


Amiga PSU failure - It happened again.

~ November 29th 2020 ~

November20 2901: scuzzblog: Amiga PSU - Just went pop.

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