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Entry 23rd February 2024: Post 1: Amstrad 6128 12V drive power - scuzzblog bloopers.

Amstrad 6128 12V drive power - scuzzblog bloopers.

It is nice to pretend that when mucking around with retro nothing
ever goes wrong. This is especially significant when producing
blogs of what you do. So imagine my annoyance yesterday having
completed the photo work for the blog regarding the CPC 6128 to
remove the 12V supply to the monitor to have the end of the
connector break away from the lead and get stuck in the monitor.

Yikes!! So I wasn't about to discuss that yesterday having had a
very successful session with the machine.

I was forced to use a small pair of pliers to remove the end piece
as it was so stuck on the end of the pin. I then pushed the end
back into the sleeve barrel and fired up the machine and it was
working as was the disk drive.


So now it came off again and again I had to use pliers to remove
the pin in the monitor. So what next ?

DUH !!!

I did it again. Seriously. What am I like. This time I stuck the
plastic end barrel to the connector and brushed the whole thing
under the carpet.

Sadly I can't leave things alone. Trouble is that the monitor does
power the computer and without the 12V the machine cannot use CP/M.
So I decided to do a little investigative work.

The plastic barrel has an inner sleeve which does not extend fully
to the base of the barrel. At the tip is a rim to prevent the
plastic sleeve from travelling fully inside the metal barrel. I
am unable to determine whether the plastic sleeve was fixed solid
within the barrel at the far end.

At the base of the 12V connector inside the metal main sleeve is
a receiving tray of metal. It would appear that the pin in the
monitor passes through the metal inner sleeve and then connects
to the metal dish/socket at the base of the larger metal sleeve.
The point being that there appears to be no physical metallic
connection between the broken off piece and the base of the main
sleeve connector. The pin from the monitor makes the centre
negative connection at the base of the sleeve and the outer surface
of the main sleeve creates the '+' circuit. From inside the machine
there are just plus and minus black and white wires.

I checked the end of the other CPC6128 and also the 5V connector on
the monitor and they all look the same. I was looking to see if
there was another sleeve inside the connector that may have broken

I am kinda convinced that the plastic on the sleeve may have split
away from the base inside the connector and sadly now each time I
use the machine the sleeve is going to get stuck on the pin.

RNMD - RETRO-NEUROTIC Mental Disorder.

A mental state that develops when trying to maintain the life of
old computers well beyond their original sell by date.

I have three of these bloody things. What was the problem ?
I blame Alan Sugar.

And if you made any sense of that you are as mad as I. 

Amstrad 6128 12V drive power - scuzzblog bloopers.

The black sleeve came away from inside
of the metal sleeve of the connector and
got stuck on the pin in the monitor.

So was it now broken ?

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