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Entry 24th February 2024: Post 1: MS killed my XP machine - False hope.

MS killed my XP machine - False hope.

On 16th June 2023 MS killed my XP computer rendering it useless.

The Evesham XP machine started life as a Millennium computer way
back at the beginning of the 2000s. It was then upgraded to an XP
machine probably around 2003/4.

The computer was online until around 2010 when she became a data
storage machine holding my Amiga repository and PD collection.
She was networked to a number of other computers.

The computer was purchased through Evesham Computers and upgraded
by them. I have the recovery CD OEM and serial numbers. She worked
without fault for the years up to 16th June 2023.

On 20th December 2018 I had cause to replace the graphics card
basically because the original fell over. I updated the drivers
at that time for the graphics. The machine however was offline.

She had been used a number of times for data retrieval and was a
valued computer to my collection.

All changed on 16th June 2023 when after the notification that I
had to register the XP OS I was eventually cut off. At that time
I could not even get into safe mode as the boot process simply
refused to progress. The computer was unresponsive to keyboard.

So today I decided time had gone on long enough and I determined
that I would install Win98 on the machine. I have a number of the
Win98 licenses that have become available as computers were
junked due to system failures. Old redundant kit.

Imagine my surprise when I booted the machine that I was able to
enter Safe Mode and examine the computer. Sadly I was advised yet
again about the XP installation not being validated.

I tried Normal mode but sadly the only profile available became
greyed out as soon as I clicked it.

I returned to Safe Mode and tried to use System Restore with no
success. I also tried to set the clock back to the System Restore
but with equally zero success.

I then tried to network the computer and start Safe Mode with the
network facility. This failed and I was refused access, full stop.
It was at this point I noticed something pretty evil. Not only
was the network card disabled but so too both CD drives. neither
opened the tray from the front buttons. The BIOS did not recognise
power to CDs. I now had a machine with no CD functionality. This
put an end to my installing Win98.

Man was I annoyed.

So I have a perfectly valid computer KILLED by Microsoft and there
is little I can do about it. The BIOS has been crippled. I now
have to research how I can restore the BIOS and reinstate CD support.
It is such a shame cus one of the best features of this computer
was its ZIP drive.

I would ring MS but I no longer work for the company that the machine
was originally registered to. Also Evesham went bust long ago.

I actually do fear for my Win7 machine cus even with the computer
offline there could be a ticking time bomb in the software that will
trigger a kill switch at some time. The answer maybe to upgrade a
Win98 machine to the hilt and use that offline.

Well that was a waste of a day.

Just as an aside I was warning folk last year on the WoW forum that
MS taking over Blizzard would be bad news, and they all said that
the acquisition by MS could only be good news for gamers. Try telling
that to the 1900 Blizzard employees that just lost their jobs in
January 2024.

Nothing but false hope.


MS killed my XP machine - False hope.

My fallen XP machine.

The graphics card installed on 20th December 2018.

MS viewed this card as significant hardware changes
requiring I reactivate the XP software. Trouble
is there is no support for XP today.

They gave me just 3 days notice.

Following the three days this was as far as
the boot screen went and the keyboard was unresponsive.

Fast forward to today and I was able to boot into
Safe Mode, albeit with the same activation warning.

In Safe Mode I was offered my main profile and
administrator. Only the administrator was active.

The software did not pass the validation process.

Saying all that I was in Safe Mode.

I decided to revert to an earlier Restore Point.

Prior to restarting I checked that I could
see the system data and drives.

Shutting down, fingers crossed.

This time managed to clear the boot sequence.

Windows XP then began to boot.

Sadly no joy.

And now my profile was greyed out.

Booting into Safe Mode recognised I had
restored to an earlier date.

I went into the BIOS and changed the date to
match the System Restore.

Made no difference in truth. I have the two
profiles only in Safe Mode and my main profile
just cycles to the grey.

And so a big fat meaningless WELCOME from MS.

And they wonder why folk hate them so.


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