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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 8th January 2018: Post: 1

That annoying fat lady

Don't expect the same activity this year as last given that it was
my challenge for last year to unpack, test and catalogue as much
of the collection as I could in a year. So expect this year to be
a little more gentle in pace.

However, there were a number of items still at large as I ended
the year so today I set too and tried to close things down. Sadly
I was defeated by the Fat Lady..... never mind.

OK this was my pile of A500Plus boards
as we closed on the end of 2017

If you recall I had encountered image issue
and had decided to replace the Fat Agnus

basically the only chip left to replace
that I could extract

First though I needed to bring in the crane

And maybe some extra help

No need for International Rescue this time
Although Thunderbird 2 was on standbye
with a rescue pod if all fails

The area was cleared and the crane
began the slow extraction process

Job done and the crane fell over

Doesn't look good

Seems like the 'icky' green that I
saw was actually corroded pins. And
what is more they fell completely off

The pin legs on the chips had degraded also

And this was one I had practiced
on earlier... THE HORROR !!!!

I'm pretty sure that all the pins
should be there. None missing that is

Interesting how the pin leg slots corrode

Sad end to a quite sad little computer
She came here broken with battery removed
and in 2004 I was replacing chips and
the floppy drive. Was working last year
then fell over. All looked pretty good
from the top but that Fat Lady just killed
the computer off....

Until the next time. Never quite the end

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