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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 8th January 2018: Post: 2

Always keep your lanterns burning

Never let them go out

There are still quite numerous opportunities to expand your retro even without expending great chunks of money. I still can get very excited by the smallest of acquisitions.

This was the broken Amstrad Notepad
that I had all but written off until I
decided to have a go at the power connector
from the battery slot.

And so the little 2032 arrived and inserted
after a thorough clean of the area

Like magic she springs back into life

A day out but not complaining. All good

Recall my efforts to rebuild the system
disks for the 9512+. Well luck would have
it a set of disks came on the Bay

Sealed and never been used.

Super Robin Hood.. Seriously ' Super '
How could I resist that ...

Plus another Amstrad Action Pack
to slot into the collection

I just had to have a play with the game

Hmmmm.... Interesting. The play button
on my freshly repaired CPC464 isn't

Not sure if you remember the scene in Star
Wars when the son of Han Solo goes
bonkers with his light saber sword...
Well it was kinda like that here. But I'm
all calm now.... And so it begins again
Retro is like that....

So remember.. Don't be a passenger. Learn
to participate and appreciate from close
up. Sadly emulating won't save the hardware

Be a lantern burning. Never gonna go out

Hmmm thinks. I wonder if Mr Rosenberg would be
interested in visiting an Amiga retro site. Bet
he could write a good song about it. Interesting.
Maybe he could get Mr Sheeran to lend a hand.
Wouldn't take long to get into his bloodstream...
Specially when the Workbench kicks in. I'd tell
him when it kicks in. Man have I struggled with
this old Amiga book... I've been sitting here for
ages. Ripping out the pages. How they get so faded.
How they get so faded...

Tell me when it kicks in

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