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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 9th January 2018: Post: 2

My inner circle

With all the retro kit featured on these pages it is easy to forget
that my primary interest is the Amiga. Whilst I have hundreds of
Amiga computers I have 26 permanently set up so they can be used 
at any time. I have ten A1200s, four A2000s, three A4000s, three 
A500s, an A600, Graham the A1400bogus 1200, Checkmate, A1200 Tower
and two A1000s. All of these machines have purpose and I do use 
them all for specific tasks.

However, I have a very special circle of Amigas that literally sit 
all around my revolving chair in the workshop allowing me to rotate
from one to the next without getting out of the chair. And when I
free myself from the bonds of the website I lose myself in this
inner circle. Trouble is, if I sit there too long I kinda never get
out. As is what happened last week. There is always something to
do and something to muck around with and it really is wonderful not
having to leave my chair other than for the annoyances of sleep and
eating and whatever.

And so I present to you my inner circle of Amigas. Simply the best
of the best for me and I would be lost without them.

Amiga No. 1

Amiga 500 demo cruncher. Essential for when
I am demo burning or checking decrunched files

Runs on pure Space Invaders and the Philips

Fed by the GVP

Amiga No. 2

The A4000 with the very very large hard drive

Used essentially to archive disks and then
store and pass to the A1200 for ZIP disks

I have an ever growing library of games
software and other Amiga goodies

Runs on Uridium and the A1084S

Uses the 2000 keyboard

And sits next to the 500 for ease
of testing my demo disks

Amiga No. 3

The second of my 4000s here. This
one I repaired and fitted the Picasso IV
Did use to be my internet computer

Runs on the big Mitsubishi monitor.. and

Paris Hilton

Amiga No. 4

Meet Spike.. So named cus some idiot
screwed the front panel on so tight
the screws came through the front plastic

Usual array of ZIP, SCSI drives and CDRom

The hard drive sits beyond

Busy computer this as all the machines
generally feed into this computer and is
archived and Zipped for the library

Runs off a Microvitec and OS3.9

All my machines generally have the same
DOpus configuration....

That way I can find my Madonna
animations real easy

The computer is on a Parnet to the A4000

Has an essential store of books above

SCSI provided by the rodent

Amiga No. 5

Next is my very essential games Amiga

Whilst stuff cooks I generally flip
round and play some games. As you do

SCSI off the surfing rodent

Uses a Microvitec monitor

And comes complete with the ZIP drive

Arcade Snooker is so important

As is SWOS

I just run the game in simulation mode
and listen out for the crowd when I score

I create a lot of my Amiga screensaver
animations from here. Plus all my icons

Muck around with animation software like MainActor

And photo editing and conversion using PPaint

Amiga No. 6

Finally the jewel in the crown. My
original 1993 Amiga 1200.

Amazing that she has never ever let me down

Sits with the BBC and shares a monitor
with another PC for networking

Has the Blizzard SCSI KIT and rear port

So I can use the external SCSI drives
Also has the PCMCIA Ethernet connected
to a hub and several other computers

A nest of SCSI... or 'scuzz'

All drives work and maintain a quite
important historical Amiga brain of
mine spanning over 25 years now.

The computer along side a library
of Amiga magazines and books

And uses the Samsung flat screen

Where I reside as mayor of Flibble

A thing of beauty is a joy for 'ever'

A am truly a lucky man to have been
blessed with such a wonderful friend

That was the inner circle

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