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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 10th January 2018: Post: 2

A strange case of the C64s

OK not such a strange mystery but simply a company in Australia
taking the old 'breadbin' or 'breadbox' C64 and sticking it in a
case not too dissimilar to the C64C. At first I thought it was a
C64C in a different case, but then realised the keys are a different

For some reason the reset function labelled D-DOS is located in a
different position, even for the case given there a blank slot for
the button which they must have decided to move.

I haven't checked the inside of the machine which powers a blank
square rectangle and so a touch faulty. I really didn't acquire the
computer for its insides but more for the interesting case. Credits
for the design and manufacture are displayed on the rear of the
case. Interesting all the same, though not unusual I would suggest
for a C64 to be reworked this way.

There was some objection to the new C64C shape when it came out from
users that had the musical keyboard that fit snugly on the old
'breadbin' style and so Commodore made the C64G which I feature at
the end of this blog.

There was also a gold C64 which I believe was manufactured to celebrate
the millionth unit to be made. I don't have one in the collection so
if anyone would like to donate one , that would be good.

Anyway... here is the C64 from the land down under. Where women glow and
men plunder evidently. And as for the technical blurb on the C64... You
gotta be kidding. Like anybody doesn't know that. Go fish.

And that musical keyboard that became an issue

Commodore C64G

C64G C64G C64G C64G

C64G C64G C64G C64G

A bit of Commodore reverse engineering
to fit the C64C in the 'Breadbin'. Very strange

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