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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 11th January 2018: Post: 3

A1000 - The Spirit within

Regular readers of the blog will be aware that over my years I have
been most fortunate not only to make some wonderful Amiga friends 
but also to have been gifted some classic computers, software and
related material. One of my most valued friends was a guy called 
Colin, who not only gifted me his entire collection but took the
time to label and note everything he gave me.

The Amiga 1000 featured here was one such computer he gave me and
even after all these years I am suprised with where I find his notes.

Kinda crude as I simply set up on
the TV using a modulator but from
the numbers you get the message. Not
your average A1000 this by any measure

And finally my own note... Thanks to Colin
The true Spirit within.

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