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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 11th January 2018: Post: 4

A1000 - A totally US computer

Not all Amiga 1000s are the same. Trust me. Biggest issue is with
the power supply as it is real easy to find you have a US machine
finding its way into Europe and visa versa. Look at the power and
you will see the machine only takes the 120 Volts. Also, when you
open up you will find an additional circuit board not found in the
UK model. Not exacly u.s. but definitely totally US.

I finally worked out today that I have
seven A1000s. Two are out on the bench
that I use most weeks, one with the 1060
Three are in boxes one of which came from
Canada and also has the dodgy power. Plus
the two featured in these recent blogs which
are now safely tucked away in store.

OK I'm all 1000'd out.. Tea time

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