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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 12th January 2018: Post: 1

A500 - Mellow Yellow Part I

I have no hang ups about any of my kit going yellow. It really
bothers me not. The ageing process is part of the retro ageing of
the computer and it reflects the history of the machine. I am
kinda put off by processes that in some way reverse the ageing
process. I go cold every time I see that guy on YouTube putting
his kit in the bath to wash. Not my kind of thing. Not even sure
of the chemical processes involved in whitening kit given that
the colour degrading is due to substances locked in the paint
as flame retardant. Also in doing this there is a chance of
losing badging, markings etc which all give age and history to
the computer.

I kinda read my machines like books. The tell tale marking of
previous occupancy, the scratches of frustration and sometimes
abuse. The writing on the case and modifications executed at
the time the machine was being used. I can tell any one of
my computers from the state of the case. It kinda gives the
machine that personal touch. I certainly would never, and I
mean never degrade , deface, alter a computer to incorporate
any modern gismo. My computers are sacred and I respect them
all. For me they are a historical treasure and I am simply
custodian over their time here. What happens after I am gone
is for others to decide. But while I'm here they can mellow
and grow old gracefully. Just like me.

Anyway here are three Amiga 500's that show their respective
ages through the colour of their cases or the hidden truths
from the clues revealed by their exterior. Or not.

By the way I couldn't care less what others do with their Amigas.
There is a famous story of a guy who bought the last two
postage stamps of their kind and burnt the one. Point being
that every time someone destroys an Amiga it just makes those
that are left worth even more. Kinda sad but as I have no control
over what others do its the only shred of comfort I can glean.
I could beg folk not to harm their machines, but I know how
important a thumbs up is to a video on YouTube, so I'll just
stay well away from those sorts of arguments.

Where was I... Oh yes. My Mellow Yellow number one.

No way am I going to remove the sticker

Oh to be able to go back in
time and see the life of this
particular computer

Interesting don't you think

Further clues as to usage

Not that an early machine though

Interesting security seal on
most of the shielding screws

She's alive. Never doubted it

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