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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 12th January 2018: Post: 3

A500 - Mellow Yellow Part III

Where was I... Oh yes. My Mellow Yellow number three.

OK to play with this one you
will need one of these

Generally doesn't have a switch

OK I reversed the sidecar in

As yesterday I hooked up a crude
modulator to check all was working
on the trusty black and white TV

Full of BASIC odds n sods

Seems to be running fine

From the looks of it quite an old computer

This has the ribbon keyboard

Note the lack of green

And the lack of A500

It's an A500Plus

Zooms in on the fat lady' pins

Bit icky may need to return here

Definitely not what I expected...

Well in truth, that's a lie given
that I was using this machine kinda
none stop for a number of years and
she had been my trusty partner for
a good time. Sadly her floppy became a
little dodgy and so I swapped her out
Her cracks in the case reflect a very
hard time in some other life. I had
opened her up to remove the RAM card
which I had also put in. Don't think I
removed the battery .. Dunno really


I think I found the lost A500Plus
motherboard I was looking for. Obvious
that I used it in the above machine

A500+ A500+

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