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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 12th January 2018: Post: 4

A1200 - Nearly ' all-white '

Pulled an A1200 from a Desktop Dynamite box last night and had a
problem booting the hard drive so I decided to have a nose around
and see what was going on.

By the way not my installation. 

Amiga 1200 looking very pale.. poor thing

Drafted in the Samsung to make life easier

Machine boots from a soft reset

Halts at this error identifying
MCP as the basic problem

Just click Okay and I'm in

I always check the state of the drive first

Validation threw up no issues
That's not unusual even on a
dodgy drive

MCP is written to the main startup
and I'm guessing it's busted. The
library doesn't exist for a start

Nothing else suspicious

Someone likes fancy pointers
Not my bag. Always seem to
cause problems.

And there is the bigger problem
No MUI installed. There seems to
be quite a bit missing from this drive

Nothing to do really other than
to delete the entry and archive
the files and folders

That worked

Whilst carrying out this exercise I
kept losing video signal and sound
I was suspicious of the Scart cable
and so moved the computer to the
Microvitec to check. Always worth
checking cables and connections before
hacking into the computer

Anyway.. half an hour or so of Pinball
later and I was confident it was a
dodgy Scart cable that was the problem

So couldn't resist a bit of Colonization

And then a quick few laps

This box had a great set of disks
books and documents. Plus the actual
packaging was in first class condition
Almost felt brand new in truth. Glad
the computer is working though I need
to keep the 2.5" primed to stop it
locking up. That's a problem with
storing the kit in boxes sadly.

All good.

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