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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 13th January 2018: Post: 1

Saving the last Amiga 500Plus

Going through the history my A500s and checking old images I was
taken by the swap out I did in 2007 of a broken A500. I am kinda
convinced that the 500 is the one that took the A500Plus mobo which
I featured yesterday. However, the motherboard appeared to be a
brown surfaced one and checking through the graveyard I only have
a green A500 broken motherboard. [ sad little corner of the
workshop so don't venture there too often ]

Anyway, got me thinking about the last of my 500s that doesn't work.
If I placed the Plus in a 500 why don't I try to resurrect this
500 motherboard and see if I can get that working. Mad I know but
worth a shot. So here is what happened.

Ok busted A500 board on the bench. No idea
where it came from or what was its problem

Other than being very dusty there was
absent the ROM from its socket

I rescued the A500Plus with the broken
Agnus socket and I intend swapping this
board out with the 500... and having a play

First though I needed a ROM and digging
through my plastic drawer cube I found
a suitable candidate, albeit a 1.2

ROM fitted and ready for the next phase

I hook up the keyboard from the A500Plus

And we have power. So far so good

Sadly no video output. Onwards

I removed the A500Plus motherboard and
slot in the A500 with a view to cleaning
and reseating all the chips

So I set about cleaning first

It was then that I noticed something odd

The end pin on the CPU was bent over

I quickly extracted the CPU...As you do

And set about straightening the pin

And guess what ?

Got excited and dug out a 1.3 ROM and fitted that...

And she was working.

I had issue with the shielding which
was causing a problem with the keyboard

So I swapped out the shielding and worked
like magic. No problems at all

So I cleaned up and screwed everything
together and tested one last time on the TV

Then moved the A500 to the Microvitec

She booted with no issues

Job done

I was kinda astounded in truth

So I updated the sticky label on the computer

Realising this was my last broken A500
that I needed to fix. Following my review
last year there were three. I now have none

Hmmm... What shall I do now ?

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