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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 13th January 2018: Post: 2

Commodore SFX - Making Music

And to the mighty SFX for the Commodore range of computers 85-86.
Odd this in truth given that Commodore did not own the copyright
for the SFX devices or software. These were the property of a
company in the UK called Music Sales Limited.

The idea behind the range of the SFX devices was to make use of
the sophisticated synthesiser built into the C64 using the SID
chip. Commodore had been quite deliberate in the design of the
chip to give the computer the ability to play complex music
right out of the box.

The devices here were released between 1984 and 1986 and whilst
the units ceased formal production they were still available
up until around the Autumn of 1989.

It isn't really understood why Commodore decided not to progress
development of the SFX. Some believe it was due to a shortage of
the SID chips or maybe the complexity of manufacture.

And so the SFX Computer Software company, a subsidiary of MSL was
quite short lived but fortunately some of the kit still exists.

Music Maker I and II 64

In the box but not related.

SFX C64/128 Sound Sampler

SFX C64/128 Sound Expander

Music Expansion System for the SFX

Interesting .... This item is the
only bit of kit I have that I have
never been able to photograph full size

The joys of making music on the Commodore


Should have included Sound Studio
in with the SFX blog yesterday

I have two copies and one also has
the Music Maker software included

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