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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 13th January 2018: Post: 3

The smallest of things

Sometimes its the little things that give you a rise. None more
so than uncovering that very special important thing that you have
been searching for ages to find. I do spend an inordinate amount
of time finding stuff. But occasionally it just drops in your
lap without even trying. Suffice to say I am a happy man.

I was clearing through some packages
to find a cassette game tape when ..

This box popped up

Blow me.. Honestly.. I spent like
an age trying to find that chip for
my feature on GEOS. I even had to
use an old image if you check the
blog... Well I never

It gets better

Unbelievable .. I so need this cable

You will be marooned on the A1000
without this. None of Commodore's
keyboards are anything like the same

Only the original Amiga has one

And with it another 1000 becomes
available to use. Lost without it

I can tick that one off now .. Sorry

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