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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 14th January 2018: Post: 4

What's in your 5.25" ... Spot the difference

Same company, two different products and very similar cases. Kinda
odd to me that the C64 finally progressed to the 1581 and the 3.5"
and there we have the Amiga already locked and loaded with the DD
3.5 and utilising a 5.25" drive. I know that some at Amiga were
keen in the early days to emulate the IBM and DOS applications.
The 1020 came with Tramsformer and Jay himself wanted to bridge
between the Amiga and Microsoft. Not sure why myself. I have the
1060 and once I got it working and booted into DOS I got bored very

Anyway two 5.25" units here. See if you can spot the difference.

First the Commodore 1571

And now the Amiga 1020

And now the two together....
And seriously.. no mirrors

CP/M maybe... but MS-DOS... Never
I bought an Amiga to avoid that

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