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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 15th January 2018: Post: 1

A typical day down the rabbit hole: Part I

Generally starts with a simple search or idea for a web page. 
Today's little adventure started just like many with me on the
hunt for lost treasure and then getting distracted by other things.

So join me for a typical day down the old rabbit hole and see 
where the journey leads. Always rewarding for me.

Like Lara says in Tomb Raider. I have
been searching for a certain artefact

A gold key no less

So I'm deep in plastic tubs and find
Starray for the Amiga plus an assortment
of flight sims. My thoughts reflect on
something Jay Miner said about flight
simulators. He just couldn't wait to get
one working on the Amiga... For me I now
just wanted to play Starray

I decided it was time to set up a flat
screen on a 500 so I could climb into
the cockpit of my flying machine...

But what machine and what set-up?

I dragged out some old GVPs and 590s
from the elephants graveyard to see
if I could boot them into service

These flight sims although quite complex
were designed for the old Amiga so I need
a computer running 1.3 I guess

Amazing quality to these games
Not really games at all in truth

And the boxes are always so heavy

So large

Well.. not all of them thankfully

Hmmm.. First distraction of the day
More my kinda thing and I was tempted
to see how this played out

More like a combat strategy game

Amazing depth per MB ratio with Amiga games

OK.. first detour of the day... As ever

And I'm hooked

And so it goes

What was I doing ?

Great 3D terrain builder in this game

STOP IT.. OK Time for some Starray

Well at least I'm flying

Sort of

Duh !! Nuther go.. Nuther go.. As you do

This cutie fell on my head as I was
searching games boxes so thought I
would finally have a play with Holli

That ain't no flight sim

Now that definitely aint no
flight sim... Camera shake.. Sorry

Kinda cool but as a platform quite boring

OK what I am running is a GVP with 8MB
memory but a busted hard drive. Just refuses
to boot but the memory works

I also have the two roms in this 500
but there isn't an external switch
that I can find

Standard read out on SysInfo

Nice fist full of memory to play with

But still just the floppy

OK deeper we go and now I have hooked
up a 590 to see what was wrong with it

I see

OK lets disable the DH0 and get in
on the tools disk and take a look around

Picking up the 2.04 - 37.175

Definitely a problem with the DH0

Lets open up the HDToolbox

OK still has the settings for the hard drive

Time to verify the sucker

If it lets me save the changes
then we will be in business

There you go.. We are in. Cool


Reflects that this is going to cause
more trouble than its worth

Strange that the OS is higher
than the ROM. Probably works OK

OK I am probably not going to use
the 590. It really is time to see
how this ROM is working and whether
there are some details on the expansion
card plus I need to check the battery
damage. No point using this computer
if its going to cause problems....

I've run out of paper.


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