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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 15th January 2018: Post: 2

A typical day down the rabbit hole: Part II


Generally starts with a simple search or idea for a web page. 
Today's little adventure started just like many with me on the
hunt for lost treasure and then getting distracted by other things.

SO join me for a typical day down the old rabbit hole and see 
where the journey leads. Always rewarding for me.

The saga continues

OK there is a name on the card
and a switch

It says... ' Same time next Wednesday '
Tuppence if you know what that refers to
It actually says ' AMRAM ' .. Interesting

And I venture deeper sown the rabbit hole

Alert !! Battery damage.

I'll check that later

Looks like the ROM is switched
internally using these jumpers

Not very useful

Actually a 2.04 and 1.3

Just lets the user flip the board
back to 1.3.. but no external control

Checked continuity. All looks OK

Gave the expansion strip a stiff brushing

Pretty useless in truth. Not
going to help me much sadly

Looks clean enough. Time to lock
this down I guess.

Hey fatty... No green pins. Good

Just time to sticky her up before lunch
Ooh er !!. Saying that I think its getting dark

I swapped out the GVP for another drive
This drive was actually prepped using
the actual GVP software. Very unusual

Interesting set up and very busy

This rabbit hole just got even deeper

OH no !! Not bloody PONG. I'll never
get away from this. Don't !!!!!

Too late

OOOh... Animations

He's behind you

Bit violent don't you think ?

Frantic Freddie.. Kinda a cross
between PacMan and Snakes and Ladders

I have lost all concept of what I was
trying to do here. I need to have a
cuppa and get back on track


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