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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 15th January 2018: Post: 3

A typical day down the rabbit hole: Part III

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Generally starts with a simple search or idea for a web page. 
Today's little adventure started just like many with me on the
hunt for lost treasure and then getting distracted by other things.

SO join me for a typical day down the old rabbit hole and see 
where the journey leads. Always rewarding for me.

The saga continues

And I am running out of day

That ROM switching bugged me so much
that I decided to swap the computer
for another Plus in a 500 but this
time with an external switch

One or Two

One or Two... Cartman and the
eyetest on South Park. Classic

This 500 holds a 500Plus I am sure

There must be a name on that board
somewhere.. Gotta be !!

And where is the ROM switcher
No problem.. I found it

Battery removal long before
this machine came here

Still quite a lot of corrosion

2.05 and the 1.3

Interesting little card

Obviously chose to move the ROM
to higher ground. Not sure about that

Magic !! There is the switch

Seems a lot of fuss

Busy but works I guess

What to do about that damaged case

Has taken a hammering I have to say
And it isn't a 500 it's a Plus

So happens I have a spare

Much better

And I will use the 8MB in the GVP
but no hard drive. Set switch to GAME

Works just fine even if she does
have a red light...

And so picks your choice

Now that does work for me

Time to play

I thinks that was what I was doing

And my goodness thats very useful memory

Another great day down the retro rabbit hole

Just as long as your happy

And now to the mystery of the key

Not today though.. Soon

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