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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 16th January 2018: Post: 1

Not exactly todays game plan

I had intended to spend a relaxing day with the scanner creating
a blog regarding the very wonderful Silmarils and their games for
the Amiga. Just before starting I realised there were two games
absent. Robinsons Requiem and Ishar 3. I tried to convince myself
I could carry on without them but in the end caved in and ventured
into the store and what is a very tall stack of tubs to try and
find the boxes. I kinda knew where they were likely to be and it 
meant shifting quite a few boxes.

Anyway as ever I recorded all that I found so that in the future
I can hopefully just look at photographs and avoid the searching
through heavy boxes [ like that has made any difference ]

OK once more down the rabbit hole and hopefully not get stranded
like Robinson you know who.

Yet more informative notes from Colin

Thats upside down

Much better

It's a BOING ball

OK one down just Ishar now

Ishar 2 not 3.. Need to look deeper

Found Ishar 3 and would have taken a pic
had I not had other things on my mind

OK while I was shifting stuff around I
managed to knock my PS2 off the TV and
cause the disk drawer to stick out. The
PS2 refused to boot up and the drawer was
well and truthfully stuck

See next entry

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