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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 16th January 2018: Post: 3

A500 - What on earth is going on here

I am kinda lost for words. I grabbed a 500 that I noticed had an
external switch and troubled myself that inside may be lurking yet
another Amiga 500Plus complete with festering battery. I just
couldn't risk it so given that my day scanning was lost anyway I
decided to crack the machine open and have a look.

It is interesting that I bought the two computers with the switches
at the same time and collected them from the seller. I seem to
recall there was a third computer but my memory fails me. Was a 
young lady that handed them over telling me that they had been her
grandfathers, I think. Could be wrong. She did say that he was a 
bit of an Amiga nutter and liked to mess around with them.

Anyway... see what I found inside and if you know what is going
on then let me know so I can clarify why it is set up this way

Just to clarify that I have discovered A500s with the board
replaced with a 500Plus so that a ROM switcher can be installed
allowing the 1.3 and the 2.04/05 to be used

Not sure I appreciated the coloured in
Amiga, but hey everyone to their own

And so another Amiga 500 with a switch

Battery alert... Always the same state

So where are those wires going ?

What the .... ???

I have no idea

Why lift GARY ?

And sticky goo everywhere

I guess there is some logic to this

'I've been slimed.. I feel so funky'
[ Ghostbusters ]

Well if you know why.. Answers on a postcard

The wires do eventually go to
the switch on the case

The guy stuck every chip down

Its all over the board

Power Computing

That's a masterpiece.. Or something

So strange to me

Time to get rid of this

No Plus and no ROM switcher


Odd thing is that with the board
switch up I get 1210608 memory. With
the switch down I get 1210784 memory
But with the board removed get 1935600
How crazy is that... ? Som'ats wrong

Anyway as long as I can play
Space Invaders why should I care

The switch don't really do anything

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