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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 17th January 2018: Post: 1

A500 - Gaining momentum

So I have this desire to set up a 2.05 and 1.3 off a ROM switcher
so I can play some of the older games prior to the 1200 era. So
I gathered pace somewhat and by lunchtime kinda had the computer
how I wanted it. Suffice to say there was always other things to
consider and so I started nosing around. 

It became obvious from the responses on
the forums to the blog regarding the
crazy mess of a 500 I featured yesterday
that much of what was happening was to
reconfigure GARY to access the higher memory

I was sure I had one of these cards
so set too trying to find it

Wasn't long before I found it
And just 15. Good value

One annoyance with the GVP that I had
chosen to use was the lack of hard drive

I do have this M-TEC AT500 that I've had
since new in the nineties. Have managed
to get it working once with an 80MB drive
Since then I've had no luck. Maybe this
was the time to have another go

Whilst digging around I found this
old game controller. Maybe works

Amazingly works no problem. Cool

Last night I created a couple of sets
of Workbench disks for 1.3 and 2.05
Guess I should see if they work

Kinda disaster ....

See next post

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