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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 17th January 2018: Post: 2

A500 - Losing ground fast

OK I have these disks that I created for the new set-up and they
threw up all kinds of issues. Took me the rest of the day to resolve

When you run 2.05 you will have to edit
the base disks for the keymap .

Easy you would think

Sadly the disk failed to copy
So I forced entry and tried to
understand why the computer would
not write to the disk. Probably full

Write protected.. but its not
Obviously a drive switch error

I could spend the next day trying to
repair the drive or I could swap out
with another and repair later. I
have a tub of drives but they are
deep in store. So only real option
in the short term was a swap out

Very suitable candidate and disk drive works

Sadly no can do. Not breaking the seal

I could use this one which was
the mess of yesterdays blog.
Don't think I'll risk it

OK I am using a machine that I know
to be working without fault. Must
make sure I repair the drive later

Undo case plus the three screws that
hold the 3.5" floppy in place

Different design to the one I am replacing

Love that switch on the card

Time to remove the broken drive

Man is that mucky. Focus on the
light blue switches that control
I believe the read write functions

I'll strip the thing down and take
a look later. Shouldn't be a problem

My goodness do these drives get dusty
No wonder they start failing

All reassembled

And we get further with the Workbench
disks as the drive is now working

New problem. The keyboard will not
backspace and delete. Does happen with
kit you haven't been using. Problems
can surface all over the place

Could be just a simple thing. For me
with the day running dry I decide to
swap out the keyboard. Easiest solution

All fixed and able to edit properly

Just checking all the keys work

Make a note of changes on trapdoor label

Make sure I put the other computer
back together. Never leave machines
half undone. Always tidy and working

She is fine. I'll return and fix her
drive and keyboard. Notes on the label

Just checking she can open Workbench

Drags out old Power Computing hd
that I pulled from an external case

Fires up on the M-TEC but halts
the computer. This is the same
problem I had before. I just don't
have the week to fail again at
sorting it. Think I'll forget the M-TEC

Mad I know but I decided to pull an
old 590 from store with 1.3 and use
that. I do struggle with any computer
that can't save stuff to hard drive

I have best of both worlds. 2.05 and
1.3 with access to a modest drive
just for copying and saving your
base files and having tools on tap

I'm a sucker for the 590. Also dragged
out a Quickshot for the footie

OK the acid test time to get Manic

There really is only one way to
end this 500 day.. Manic Miner

And so with the flick of the switch
I'm all 1.3 and ready to mine

I was playing Manic Miner in
1982-83 and still play it today

OK I ran out of day in the end and
guess I need to stop. Time really
flies and I can always think of
ever more things to do. BUT.. I have
to close it there...

Tomorrow is another day

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