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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 18th January 2018: Post: 1

Silmarils - Understated yet overwhelming

Speaking from the heart as ever and totally a personal viewpoint
but these guys were so creative in what they did and managed to
blend fantasy with story telling in games that just made you think.
I recall the dark nights of 1994 sitting transfixed to me Amiga
screen unable to put down Ishar 2. It became more than a game for
it literally became an interactive story where I played centre
stage. Was for me the first game I had ever played where I could
save my progress in a fictional story and pick it up the next day
and carry on. Where your efforts and actions had a direct impact
on what you were able to do.

I had not really played adventure games on a computer in truth.
For me they had been a tool, albeit I played games on the Sinclair
but they were just platform and puzzle games. This was very different.

And so I have very very fond memories of the Ishar series. I would
have enjoyed more had Robinson's Requiem not been such a massive
let down. The game took too long to make, was over ambitious and
came at a time when the Amiga was losing its popularity as a gaming

Anyway.. here are the boxes that mattered to me. And truthfully I
would like to thank Silmarils for giving me some of the most
memorable gaming experiences I have ever enjoyed.


French gaming software house created in 1987 by Louis-Marie and André Rocques 

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