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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 18th January 2018: Post: 2

Hard Driving the 1200 - In from the cold

Some may recall my fun and games with a load of old 2.5" hard 
drives that were broken and subjected them to cold days in the
freezer compartment and then hit them with the blunt end of a
screwdriver. Remarkably three of them came to life and I have
switched them on daily from the brick to check activity but not
seen what was going on as I didn't have them connected to a
monitor. And so today I decided to take the three Amiga 1200s
with the revitalised 2.5" drives and hook them up.

A1200 number one

Sadly no memory card so I doubt
we will get very far with Ishar

OK good sign that the drive is working

819K of memory wont go very far

Looks like one of my drives though
not a main computer. Really cannot
remember where this drive came from

Quite a busy games drawer

Fortunately has Ishar so lets
have a blast and see how I get on

As I anticipated.. Out of memory

Looks very familiar though not
composed. Looks like a file dump
so probably simply a back-up

Definitely a back up

So funny what you come across on
old drives... Whacky stuff

Banshee !!!! If I only had some memory

OK Amiga number two

Definitely not a drive of mine


Amiga number three

Yikes OS 3.5... Definitely not
of my making... Weird !!

SWOS maybe mine

File Manager and Parnet are mine

I really never use Opus5

There was also a CD at some stage

Nope not my drive that. Useful though

Ends session

So my three salvaged 2.5" drives work
just keep them functioning by switching
on each day. Only way it seems or they
will just lock up

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