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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 18th January 2018: Post: 3

Amiga 1200 - Let's Play

Just having fun on the A1200 ... as you do

This is my gaming A1200

With Commodore speakers .. no less

And a GVP Turbo 030

All the usual drives plus Parnet

And if you check the date at the
bottom it is still correct after
nearly 25 years. Amazing !!

AMOS check

Sound check

Time to play... These are my favourites

Ishar for the wonderful story

Dreamweb cus it is so strange

Hired guns cus its manic

Steel Sky for the problem solving

Settlers cus I like playing god

I won !!! In your face

SWOS in management mode so I
don't need to pick up the joystick
I let the team perform on their own

S I M C I T Y is well just S I M C I T Y

Battle Chess... Playing the computer at
anything and winning is a real joy

Syndicate .. well I just like playing the game

Playing god with trains.. Sheldon Cooper would approve

I came late to DnD on the computer
and regret I didn't give up the board
games earlier. Great series of games these

And Valhalla

I sense that Paul Carrington would
be one of those guys that you spend all
night chatting too and be amazed at his
eccentric charms. I did join his interactive
website and couldn't get over his unique
way of doing things. It really flows through
everything he did on the Amiga. Classic.

I have a sad tale to tell...

There's more but I have to sleep

The website has been playing up tonight
I have raised an issue with the hosting
company. I shall be having further words
Just that I am very late tonight... Ar hum !!

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