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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 19th January 2018: Post: 1

That gold key - Let's play Dark Tower

Remember the gold key that I featured earlier this week. Well, today
my batteries arrived and I was able to fire up the Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower was purchased from new back in December 1982. I
bought the game during the January sales at Debenhams which probably
meant the week following Christmas. It was snowing and quite magical
time and we sat huddled up in front of the fire playing Dark Tower.
What is incredible given that the tower has travelled to four
different homes, been stored in an attic and even a garden shed and
yet I have never had to replace the bulbs. Still works perfectly.

Made by Milton Bradley 1982 the game is your typical DnD adventure
where you travel from kingdom to kingdom trying to obtain three keys
so you can defeat the brigands in the tower and retrieve the sceptre.
The twist being that all your decisions are mapped by this electrical
tower that not only remembers everything you have done and what you
own but also fires up all the consequences of each and every move
you make.

You can visit tombs, ruins, sanctuary and the bizarre in an attempt
to gain gold and food and more warriors. The tower never misses a
trick and even if you forget to map your progress you can call up
your inventory on the tower and it will tell you what you have.

A really wonderful game and in its day did use to marvel quite a lot
that played, given that nobody at that time had real access to a
computer. What is more incredible is that it still works.

So I present to you Dark Tower from 1982. 

Remember that golden key

Game starts and checks the lights are working

Battles can occur at any time

And you might win gold, food or maybe a key

You can haggle but you may close the bazaar

Getting lost can also happen

And the tower knows if you have the keys

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