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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 20th January 2018: Post: 2

Amiga A3000 Desktop running A-Max IV

Odd little Amiga 3000 for me given that it runs an inferior OS.
I actually have no idea why anyone would have a splendid Amiga
Workbench and then punish it with a Mac emulator or what ever.
Worse, the thing actually runs on a card and pretty much fills
the computer bay. Just bonkers.

I was given this machine so I dare not mess around with it too
much. Today was battery check day and again I bottled it and 
had to remove the little blighter.

I no doubt offended some of the Mac users reading this, but 
sorry, I have the same views about MS and Atari so I wouldn't
get too cut up about it. The Amiga rules... m'kay.

Anyway here she is an Amiga A3000d computer running something
called A-Max IV using what looks to be an A-Max II. Never use
the computer so back into storage after her day on the bench.

Battery removed

Just checking she was still working

Looks like GEOS or a GEM desktop

PS I do have a good batch of Mac computers
I have a G4 here that I kick while I'm doing
my webpages. There is also a PowerMac on the
floor here that I am trying to mend the fascia
that fell off the other day. Why do Macs have
to always give out that annoying ' Taa-Daa '
whenever you switch 'em on. Anyway. I'm sure
somebody somewhere likes them... I do like the
mighty 'Woz' though. Nice chap.

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