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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 22nd January 2018: Post: 1

Simply the greatest computer ever made

Well I think so .... 

Anyway, the other night I had a slight issue with one of my 1200s.
Refused to play animations and show pictures through DOpus. I
booted with no CPU Cache and that fixed it. I started to look into
the problem and realised that for all the pictures there are on the
website there are quite few of the motherboard of the 1200. So I
decided to put a page up so I could check over the whole board.

In the end I simply took out the Apollo 030 and reseated the SIMM
and she worked a dream. The A1200 has a massive external hard drive
bay plus ZIP and runs through a Microvitec just behind me here. I
do use the two 1200s I have in here quite a lot. Over the summer
it got quite hot in here and I left the trap door cover off the 
A1200 with the Apollo. I think the weight of the board may have 
relaxed on the pins.. dunno. Working now.

Images of a stock A1200 and motherboard for reference.

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