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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 22nd January 2018: Post: 3

Couldn't resist

Shutting things down here now after my frantic year of unpacking
and checking stuff over. And so kit is going back into deep store
and I can have myself a bit of a rest. Thought I would take a
couple more pics of the A690 before she goes away for a while.

Not sure if anyone really reads the daily blogs so probably revert
back to a monthly round up of events from February. I shall still
be having a blast every day but put the camera away for a while
and just log the odd item if I think its interesting. I really
want to spend more time playing and less time recording. Kinda
self defeating in a way.

See how it pans out. For now though I am putting the large store
off goodies that have been strewn about the place this last year
back into respective boxes so I can once again get round the place.

Been a fantastic year but time to change tack me thinks.

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