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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 25th January 2018: Post: 1


I said there was more to my Amiga 'Let's Play' blog. Just didn't
finish it off. So here are the bits I missed. Sorry for that.

And Valhalla

I sense that Paul Carrington would
be one of those guys that you spend all
night chatting too and be amazed at his
eccentric charms. I did join his interactive
website and couldn't get over his unique
way of doing things. It really flows through
everything he did on the Amiga. Classic.

I have a sad tale to tell...

Vulcan and The MiniSeries

Vulcanology the Amiga CD

Cover Disks of Valhalla and Hillsea

I came across the Valhalla series from
a cover disk one cold winters night. I was
warmed by the fun and interesting way the
game was structured. It presented a whole
new way of playing an Amiga game.

I was also captivated by DreamWeb at the
same time. It really was a sad time for the
Amiga because you just sensed we were in the
last throws of the machine as a gaming platform
There just wasn't the games about as they were
So credit to makers like Vulcan for staying
with the platform for so long. We all wished it
could have been different

DreamWeb by another games developer

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