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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 27th January 2018: Post: 2

Archos - PCMCIA drive for the A1200

I have featured this drive before but wanted to test it on that
unexpanded A1200 I had on the pages last week. I have been having
an issue with a bad signal to the Samsung and I wasn't at all sure
it was the SCART cable. So I dragged out another SCART that is
connected to my bestest A1200 to see if matters improved. The first
image here is of the screen with the old cable. Thankfully the
problem did not occur with the other cable. I know not why. The
SCART actually works fine with every computer other than the A1200
just seems so strange. Problem solved...

So here again for your viewing pleasure is a really good way to
expand the A1200 without breaking into the computer. And just look
at the capacity. 170MB no less. Serious stuff. Well was in its day

Image showing issue with SCART

Swapped out SCART and working fine

The OS is on the Archos drive and
you kinda have to make sure there
isn't a drive in the computer with
a bootable OS cus it just confuses
the Amiga... I tried that

Uses an amiquest.device

In the days when a computer was a
little more than a tablet or tin box

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