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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 28th January 2018: Post: 5

If all else fails grab a cracked disk - Who said that

I have been searching for two days now for my disk box and manual
for my Elvira the Arcade Game. As a rule I extract disks from boxes
and place in disk boxes. All manuals go on shelves and boxes are
generally placed in tubs. I have my disks for the game but cannot
find the game box and manual. 

However, within another disk box with other Elvira games is also
a copy of the game from a dubious source. You really do not collect
this much kit without acquiring a good volume of cracked disks. 

I was unable to get into the game without the manual but the cracked
disk bypassed the whole system. I do not condone such behaviour but
in this instance I just couldn't search anymore.

I also came across, whoo err, a few other classics and so spent most
of the day playing games... As you do. 

Sorry Elvira I couldn't get in

Let's try one of these.. er other disks

I'm in

There is little point me showing
still images on a slow shutter speed
of moving objects in a game. You have
to watch a video in truth... Sorry

Anyway I wonder if this copied
disk works also

Let's play some other stuff

At this point you have to imagine
the action , as I can't record them

Game over boys !!

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