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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 29th January 2018: Post: 4

Max Headroom - When video was king

The video revolution was quite massive when it happened in the
early eighties. From a standing start we finished up with a
video rental shop on almost every street corner. Video dominated
everything and music makers suddenly found a way to present their
work without being harnessed into a studio session for programs.
Further, video was a medium that could be used to tell stories
and almost create mini films to music. Video was king.

Then came along Max Headroom. Channel 4 in the UK carried these
fast snippets of an advert telling us that something was going
to happen twenty minutes into the future .....

Enter Max Headroom... but first we have
to go back twenty minutes or so

Network 23 in a bid to boost
popularity and revenue decide
to incorporate BlipVerts into
the advertising cycle

Bryce, head of research explains
that Blipverts transmit adverts
at a much higher speed and therefore
more can be incorporated into the
basic transmission

Enter Edison Carter who looks a
lot like Max Headroom, anyway. He
is a journalist and came across a
victim to Blipverts that simply
had instantaneously combusted.

Aided by Theora he decides to enter
the research facility

He then sees first hand what a
Blipvert can do.. Yuk

Then there is a chase as security
sends in their goons to get Carter

He escapes on a motorbike

But is hit by a MAX HEADROOM sign
activated by Bryce Lynch

Bryce explains what has happened
to Grosman and suggests making a
computer simulated Edison to take
his place on the news channel

Grosman is not impressed and eventually
tells him to get rid of Carter and the
data in the computer representation

The box of Max was handed over to
Reg for safe keeping at BigTime in
the pink van ....

Where Max is born to the world and
starts spouting embarrassing things
about Network23. He is also super
funny and starts to become popular

Grosman then has to explain why the
viewing figures of this rogue channel
are increasing. Who is this Max Headroom

OK Edison escapes from the body bank
Transmits his location via his camera
to Theora and they confront Bryce and
force him to expose Grosman and the
whole Blipvert risk. People exploding thing

Max sails off into the pink sunset

Edison gets his revenge by exposing
Grosman and saving mankind

Blank Reg and Dominique get to keep Max

And then the Max Headroom show
starts on Channel 4 weekly.

Max Headroom becomes a household name

For being super cool and for taking
the piss out of Tim every week.

And yes I have each and every episode on VIDEO

The very splendid Max Headroom

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